Free things to do in Melbourne

If you have never been before you will soon realise how expensive Australia is as soon as you land at the airport. From taxis to a beer there is not much that you will be able to find on the cheap when you are down under. What makes it worse are the big cities which you will inevitable spend the majority of your time in while you are travelling or holidaying in Aus as it is a very spread out and ‘manmade’ type of country – there are only really five big cities that go from the east to the west coast and the northern and southern territories. So, if you want to save money, say you are in Melbourne, what do you do? The only thing that you can, take part is as many free activities as is physically possible. Here is just a sample of them.

When you are in a place which is as vibrant as St Kilda there are a whole host of free activities in this small town. Located south of the city centre, on the coast, Kilda is well known for its amazing beaches and coastline that is almost unparalleled across Australia and that is saying something! If sunbathing on sandy beaches while beach babes’ roller blade around the promenade isn’t your thing then you can always spend the day at the art and craft stalls in the Esplanade market or enjoy a couple of live bands at The Palais. Still want more? Then there is a whole host of funky bars and buzzing restaurants throughout the especially busy Acland Street.

The Yarra River is best known for splitting the city of Melbourne in two, much like the Liffy does in Dublin, but the rather understated Yarra Valley is probably more up the tourists’ street if wine tasting and vineyards is your thing. Melbourne wine is a very reputable and respectful wine and when you visit the Yarra Valley you will soon find out why. The vineyards here take the upmost care and professionalism in their jobs and as a result create produce like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. You can take a walk around most of the vineyards for free which is a very beautiful way to spend a morning, afternoon or evening.

A bit further down the road from Melbourne is Logan’s Beach in Warrnambool. If you are thinking that this is more sunbathing then you are wrong because at certain times of the year Southern Right Whales come out to play. Swimming with whales is free – all you need is a snorkel and a crash helmet! Maybe getting in the water as a rank amateur is a little bit risky so you can always watch them from a vantage point and marvel at their splendour. Look for cheap place to stay in Geelong to make getting there a little easier.