Safety Tips When Flying with New Borns

Welcoming and adjusting a new born to a family is a full time, hands on job. This is why there is such a thing as maternity leave and paternity leave. While this time can be a very close and intimate time for the entire family, it is not the easiest time for the new parents. Midnight feeds, sicknesses and fussy babies can take a toll on many people. The last thing a new pair of parents would think of is to travel by plane with a new born.

Many new parents would not even hear of this idea as air travel is considered to be tiring, time consuming and all around stressful for a baby. Where will one run to when your baby refuses to stop screaming as the flight takes off? Will you have enough space to change a diaper in a tiny inflight toilet? Will you be able to find rental cars Perth airport as soon as you come out of the airport? These questions are justifiable. However, travelling by flight with a newborn is not impossible. Read these tied and tested tips by parents all over the world to make the whole experience a bit easier.

Get to and from the airport quickly

Travelling with a newborn means that you do not have the time to be admiring the scenery endlessly or hitting the duty-free shops until you drop. Different babies react differently to travelling. While some babies hardly make a fuss about it, some other babies do create a big fuss. Therefore it is safer to get to and from the airport quickly. For this, you would need to book a rental car Perth airport beforehand. Do this a few days before the day you are to fly so that you do not have to walk around looking for a vehicle with a screaming baby strapped to your chest.

Take your own food

Babies can be fussy when they are on board a flight. While many airlines offer baby food, it is best to give your baby something that he or she is familiar with. Therefore make a limited quantity of your own baby food and package is carefully so that you can retrieve it whenever you need it during the flight.

Travel with a trusted party

While travelling in your destination, make sure that you travel with a well-known, trusted travel partner. There are many travel companies out there today but you would not want to risk yourself or your baby with a company that does not live up to standards. Therefore, make sure that you do your homework with regards to travel companies post flight.